About Sofie Hecht

Sofie Hecht is a freelance photographer with a Bachelor’s Degree from Tufts University in International Literary and Visual Studies (ILVS) and Spanish. She has been the Photo Editor of her university's daily newspaper, the Tufts Daily, one of the leading student newspapers in the country. She was recently a Work Scholar at Aperture Foundation, a prominent non-profit photography book publisher, and is working on a long term documentary project about the Brazilian immigrant community in Boston. Currently, she works for the VII Academy and the VII Foundation organizing, and administering media education scholarship opportunities for students around the world.

She is currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is available for work in the Southwest, NYC and Boston Metro areas.

She uses documentary photography and storytelling to be an active participant in community life and raise public awareness about critical issues.

Recent work includes assisting international photographer and writer Lynne Lawner, participating in Foundry's 2017 Mexico City workshop, working with photojournalist and VII Foundation co-founder Gary Knight in classes and photography workshops a teaching assistant, and photographing events across New York City, Boston, Barcelona, Mexico City and Santiago, Chile. Her work from a documentary photography workshop she organized in Puerto Rico is displayed on VII Foundation’s website.

She is available for freelance work for portrait, event, sports, documentary and artistic photography, as well as video projects!

¡¡ Habla español !!

She can be contacted at sofiedh@gmail.com.